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Iron Age Designs has a good selection of cast iron tree grates. These grates come in unique patterns which work well in urban and park settings alike.  Need a frame for the grate? Iron Age has frames that accent the tree grate and provide an edge to form a concrete or paving stone surface against.

Depending on the pattern, two or four tree grate sections are required to complete a full "apron" for the tree.  Once assembled, each tree grate pattern will have a 12" diameter hole at the center for the tree placement.  As the tree grows, break-away sections of the grating can be utilized to make the interior diameter larger and allow for un-constricted growth.  All Iron Age cast iron tree grates are vehicle safe and ADA compliant.  They come standard in cast iron made from recycled materials, but other metals are also available.

The Iron Age tree grates bring a modern sense to the beauty of nature in their Oblio, Locust and Interlaken patterns.  These same patterns are available in catch basin and trench drain gratings.  The Oblio pattern gives a sense of falling rain in a pool of water.  The Locust pattern provides a breezier feel of rustling leaves.  And, the Interlaken pattern gives a sense of the stability and structure provided by the earth we walk on.

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3' Tree Grates
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4' Tree Grates
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5' Tree Grates
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Round Grates
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Large Tree Grates

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