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Iron Age 4inch diameter grates4" dia. Decorative Grates

Iron Age’s 4" dia. decorative iron grates fit directly into 3" & 4" PVC pipes.  For inconspicuous drainage projects with some decorative panache, choose between the stylish Anise, Locust and Oblio patterns.

All 4" diameter decorative grates are shipped with Baked On Oil Finish.

Iron Age Anise 4inch grate
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Oblio 6inch diameter heelproof grate6" Dia. Iron Age Basin Grates

Iron Age's 6" dia. Oblio grate is designed to complement the JR Smith 2005 LOX A06NB catch basin.  With no openings larger than 1/4", the 6" heel-proof cast grate keeps out small particulates while providing quick water relief.

JR Smith 2005 LOX A06NB

get quote buttonThe JR Smith 2005 Series floor drain is used in general applications such as bathrooms and kitchens.  With an adjustable strainer and clamping mechanism, the JR Smith 2005 LOX A06NB drain can add decorative appeal to any floor.

Iron Age 8 inch round grates6" Dia. Point Drain Grates

Iron Age’s 6.75" dia. basin grates are made to fit the NDS Spee-D Basin Series of point drains.  Choose between the Locust, a gentle leaf pattern, the popular Interlaken, or the circular Bullseye pattern.

All 3 are ADA Compliant and heel proof.

NDS Spee-D Basin

get quote buttonSet under downspouts or at low points in the yard, the Spee-D Basin is a convenient, easy to install basin for homeowners. The Spee-D Basin offers up to 4 outlets with either 3" or 4" diameter pipe connections, which changes the degree of water evacuation.

Iron Age 8 inch round grates8" Dia. Basin Grates

Iron Age’s 8" dia. basin grates are made to fit the JR Smith 2110 Series drain or Zurn Z-415N basin.  Choose between the 8" heelproof Locust, a gentle leaf pattern, or the twirling Miso pattern.

Zurn Z-415 Basin

get quote buttonThe 8" dia. Miso pattern Iron Age grate fits Zurn’s Z-415 floor drain.  A floor and shower drain, the Z-415 features a cast iron body and membrane clamp ideal for suspended slab installations.

JR Smith 2110

get quote buttonIron Age’s 8" dia. Locust and Miso grates are designed for the JR Smith 2110 Series floor drain.  Used in moderately trafficked areas, the cast iron 2110 floor drain’s shallow body and flange help anchor it in on-grade situations.

Iron Age Miso 12inch round grate12" dia. Decorative Grates

Iron Age’s 12" dia. decorative iron grate accommodates the JR Smith 2330 catch basin. The 12" Miso pattern evokes a beach theme while it keeps your floors dry.

JR Smith 2330

get quote buttonJR Smith’s 2330 floor drains combine a full cast iron body with Iron Age’s decorative top for an easy install and convenient drainage system.

Iron Age 24 inch round grates24" dia. Decorative Grates

Iron Age’s 24" dia. decorative catch basin grates accompany metal frames by East Jordan Ironworks.  Choose between the geometric Interlaken pattern grate and the watery Tulie pattern, which evokes the feel of rain on a pond.

East Jordan 2425Z

get quote buttonEast Jordan’s 2425Z frame provides durable support for Iron Age 24" diameter grates.  With a thick iron construction, the 2425Z frame strengthens the catch basin by distributing load pressure.


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