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Iron Age radius curve grates - Oblio

Iron Age radius grates make curved trench drains a possibility like never before.  Choose a decorative radius grate to meet your project specifications.

Special radius frames match the installation.  Whether you’re installing your 6" radius grates in new concrete or pavers, Iron Age’s frames make it happen.

Grate Width Radius (nominal) Pattern PDF
5"4 ftOblio
5"4 ftRegular Joe
5"7 ftGreek Key
5"8 ftOblio
5"10 ftInterlaken
5"14 ftJanis
5"16 ftOblio
5"16 ftRegular Joe
5"17 ftArgo
5"18 ftInterlaken
5"20 ftOblio
5"22 ftArgo
5"25 ftLocust
5"27 ftArgo
5"27 ftOblio
5"36 ftInterlaken
5"37 ftInterlaken
5"44 ftOblio
5"47 ftInterlaken
5"50 ftLocust
5"61 ftArgo
5"65 ftOblio
6"2 ftInterlaken
6"3 ftInterlaken
6"10 ftInterlaken
6"11 ftOblio
6"16 ftLocust
6"20 ftLocust
6"55 ftRegular Joe
8"6 ftLocust
8"41 ftQue
9"16 ftOblio
9"25 ftOblio
9"79 ftOblio
11"8 ftInterlaken
12"10 ftInterlaken
12"13 ftOblio
12"16 ftJanis
12"20 ftLocust
12"20 ftOblio
12"24 ftTulie
12"27 ftOblio
12"30 ftInterlaken
12"30 ftTulie
12"44 ftRegular Joe
Cast bronze radius grate
Iron Age Oblio radius grates
Cast bronze radius grate - Interlaken
Locust radius grates
Custom Gear Radius Grate

Don’t see the radius you need?  No problem!  If you can’t find the pattern, width or radius you’re looking for, design your own custom radius grate.

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